About us

Skynor Accounting is a fast-growing Norwegian full-service accounting firm, with a key competence in cooperation with clients from
Eastern and European countries in issues related to international
taxation, corporate and tax representation.

Long-term partnership

Our cooperation style is focused not limited to client and firm relations, but rather on long-term partnership basis. We are aimed to provide the most cost- and time-efficient business solutions above the expectations of our clients and secure a comfort to conduct business during unpredictable and challenging times in the economy and legal regulation.
Highest level of services
Skynor Accounting team is convinced that every our client is individual and needs a personal approach to face challenges. In order to match this goal our team of professionals is using most advanced modern western practices, methods and experience to provide the highest level of services.

Non-standard effective
and applicable solutions

The team of young progressive professionals at Skynor Accounting possesses an expertise in the most complicated issues and provides non-standard effective and applicable solutions from the perspective of available budget and timeframe.
Solving complex cross-border issues
Our clients represent a wide range of industries on different levels from the local to international markets.
We cooperate with leading international firms to ensure great results in solving complex cross-border issues.